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New! An invitation to practice origami map
This MOOC is based on the book written in French by Michel Lucas Une invitation la pratique de l'art du pliage de papier . You can download this free bok at origami.shop .

Three journeys are proposed :

* a journey through pictures

Simpe visual exploration of the world of paper folding (origami), you will walk through a collection of pictures of models designed by master folders of any country. Their diversity and their potential complexity will catch you. We are far awy the flapping bird!

* a discovery journey

A lot of texts are scattered all over the MOOC. They will allow you to understand the relevance of each chapter or model. You will get accustomed to the specific vocabulary attached to origami.

* Practical works

In this journey, every chapter is accompanied with diagrams, sequence of drawings describing how to fold some model. Everybody is invited to give a try, including true beginners. Some perseverance and passion, and you will get a small collection which will astonish everybody around you!

These three journeys may be fulfilled sequentialy or randomly, totally or not, as you like. But we encourage you to search systematically more information through internet. Technical words, names of designers, titles of models are good candidates as entries to your favorite search engines.
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How to fold a grid

Compass Rose
Flaviane Koti
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I would like to thank all those who contributed to the realization of this project and who will recognize themselves. A special mention to Alessandro Beber, Christophe Boudias, Serena Cicalò, Francesco Decio, Andrey Ermakov, Amanda Ghassaei, Eric Gjerde, Paul Jackson, Robert J. Lang, Romain Pauchet, Francis Ow, Tim Rickman, Jeremy Shafer, Maria Sinayskaia, Dan Sutin, Nicolas Terry, Gerard Ty Sovann and Christine Werth who allowed me to publish their models, diagrams or photographs.
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