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  Discovery of the world of folding paper
Some major topics of folding paper
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The decoration is certainly one of the first themes of creation of paper folding. The « Beauties of Geometry » Beauties of Geometry sequence of the journey in pictures highlighted stars, decorative balls, tessellations or fractals. Other simpler objects are part of the ordinary origamist.

In a rather arbitrary way, we chose to present decorative elements such as rosettes, boxes and other trinkets. All these folds make nice gifts very appreciated.

Not to mention the folds associated with certain holidays, like Christmas!

23 photo(s)

Bijou japonais
Minako Ishibashi

Feu d'artifice
Yami Yamauchi

Star Box

Tomoko Fuse

Tomoko Fuse

Fernando Gilgado

Snow Flake
Halina Rosciszewska-Narloch

Cajita Rosa
David Martinez

Yara Yagi

Yara Yagi

Marc Vigo Anglada

Hexagonal Rococo Flower and Mosaic
Flaviane Koti

Dave Brill's Origami Masu
David Brill

Schachtel 42
Klaus-Dieter Ennen

La cassettina della frutta
Francesco Decio

Fishing Basket

Kusumita Tiles
Meenakshi Mukerji

Four-Leaf Tato Box
- Mélisande*

Colored Lover's Knots
J. C. Nolan

José Meeusen

Chocolate House
Dasa Severovŕ

Flower Box
Hsi-Min Tai

Estrella abuela
Marcia Krone

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