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Reference Gotani19
ISBN 2-84424-098-4
Type book
Author Tetsuya Gotani
Title Origamix - Theory & Challenge
Source L'atelier du Grésivaudan
Year 2019
Pages 192
This book is aptly named!

* The challenge of theory
The 14 models are preceded by a few pages describing the design process of the model base. The use of circles and rivers is explained in detail, including optimizing the use of surfaces when creating the initial crease pattern. It is a good working basis for who wants to use this technique to manage the layout of the different elements of the future folding from a very technical, proven approach.

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* the challenge of folding
The folding of each model is then described using a very detailed diagram, including up to almost 200 steps, some with sometimes several tens of folds, to repeat ... Incredible sequences, delicate technical gestures, a tinkling with details, the folder that I am went from astonishment to astonishment. To arrive at the end of the folding of a model is an answer to the challenge that is launched. The result is always nice to watch.

As much as I understand now how the « circles - rivers » technique allows to create the basis of the model, as much as I keep asking myself « But how does he (or she) find these folding sequences? ». The mystery may be lifted in a future book by the same author, who may reveal some of his secrets?

I recommend this book without hesitation, but it is clearly aimed at experienced folders.


List of the 15 associated models

Reference Title Author Category Difficulty Base Page(s) Annotation Photo
Gotani19-12 Ankylosaurus Tetsuya Gotani dinosaur **** 90° grid140-151Good
Gotani19-10 Legendary Beast Tetsuya Gotani mythology ***-109-122Nice
Gotani19-05 Norvegian Cat Tetsuya Gotani animal ***-66-76Done
Gotani19-01 Stork Tetsuya Gotani bird ***frog27-35Quite good
Gotani19-14 Rooster Tetsuya Gotani animal ****-167-182Good
Gotani19-08 Challenge: Flower Motif A Tetsuya Gotani ornament **-102-103Nice
Gotani19-09 Challenge: Flower Motif B Tetsuya Gotani ornament ***windmill104-106Quite good
Gotani19-15 Sevillan Dragon Tetsuya Gotani mythology ***--Good
Gotani19-03 Squirrel Tetsuya Gotani animal ***-48-53Quite good
Gotani19-07 Elephant Tetsuya Gotani animal ***-92-101Good
Gotani19-04 Unicorn Tetsuya Gotani mythology ***-56-63Quite good
Gotani19-02 Catfish Tetsuya Gotani fish ****-38-45Quite good
Gotani19-13 Stegosaurus Tetsuya Gotani dinosaur ****-154-164Good
Gotani19-06 Styracosaurus Tetsuya Gotani dinosaur ****-79-89Quite good
Gotani19-11 Tyrannosaurus Tetsuya Gotani dinosaur ****-125-137Good