Card reference

Reference NOAorigami4
ISBN 978-4-931297-04-3
Type book
Author inconnu
Title Enseignement de l'origami
Source NOA Books, n° 4
Year 2014
Pages 48

6 photos

Booklet aimed at getting the Certification as Origami Instructor, delivered by NOA.
60 models, most of them very simple, are diagramed. All of them are from Japanese inspiration, a lot traditional.

Maybe it is time to change the contents of origami teaching?

List of the 56 associated models

Reference Title Author Category Difficulty Base Page(s) Annotation Photo
NOAorigami4-26 Automobile Kosho Uchiyama transportation **-21Done
NOAorigami4-11 Plane Kohei Nagano transportation *kite13Done
NOAorigami4-12 Plane Traditionnel transportation *-13Done
NOAorigami4-16 Whale Traditionnel fish **diamond16Done
NOAorigami4-38 Treasure Boat Traditionnel transportation **blintz29Done
NOAorigami4-29 W-Boat Base Traditionnel base **windmill24Done
NOAorigami4-25 Boat Traditionnel transportation **-21Done
NOAorigami4-47 Sanbo Traditionnel box **blintz39Done
NOAorigami4-46 Star Shaped Box Traditionnel box **preliminary38Nice
NOAorigami4-28 Masu Box Traditionnel box **blintz23Quite good
NOAorigami4-39 Waterbomb, Balloon Traditionnel polyhedron **waterbomb32Nice
NOAorigami4-27 Bottle Yasuhiro Sano utility **-22Done
NOAorigami4-21 GI Hat Traditionnel clothing *-19Done
NOAorigami4-15 Carp Traditionnel fish **diamond16Done
NOAorigami4-07 Samurai Helmet Traditionnel hat *kite6Nice
NOAorigami4-37 Chair Taneji Nakajima furniture **-28Done
NOAorigami4-03 Pointed Hat Traditionnel utility *-6Done
NOAorigami4-13 Scottish Terrier Yasuhiro Sano animal **diamond14Nice
NOAorigami4-09 Cicada Traditionnel insect *-12Nice
NOAorigami4-18 Chattering Crow Koya Ohashi animate **diamond17Done
NOAorigami4-24 Cotton-con Seiryo Takekawa game *-20Done
NOAorigami4-05 Swan Isao Honda object **kite8Done
NOAorigami4-54 Star Traditionnel ornament **-45Done
NOAorigami4-33 Faces Traditionnel game **windmill26Nice
NOAorigami4-55 Rocket Yoshihide Momotani transportation **preliminary46Done
NOAorigami4-02 Cup Traditionnel utility *-6Done
NOAorigami4-57 Frog Traditionnel animal **frog48Nice
NOAorigami4-43 Jumping Frog Traditionnel animal **-35Done
NOAorigami4-48 Crane Traditionnel bird **bird40Good
NOAorigami4-50 Imoseyama Rokôan Gidô animate **tsunagiori40Nice
NOAorigami4-56 Iris Traditionnel flower **frog47Quite good
NOAorigami4-35 Kusudama Traditionnel kusudama **modular27Done
NOAorigami4-52 Rabbit Toshio Chino animal **bird43Nice
NOAorigami4-40 Rabbit Made of Snow Traditionnel animal **waterbomb33Nice
NOAorigami4-19 House Traditionnel miscelleanous *-18worth no interest
NOAorigami4-23 Fox Mask Traditionnel mask **-19Done
NOAorigami4-34 Medal Traditionnel ornament **windmill27Nice
NOAorigami4-30 Windmill Traditionnel base **windmill24Done
NOAorigami4-44 Carnation Mitsunobu Sonobe flower **preliminary36Nice
NOAorigami4-14 Bird Traditionnel animal **kite15Done
NOAorigami4-04 Water Bird Traditionnel bird *kite7Done
NOAorigami4-49 Fluttering Crane Traditionnel animate **bird40Done
NOAorigami4-20 Organ Traditionnel miscelleanous *-18worth no interest
NOAorigami4-17 Fur Seal Traditionnel animal **diamond17Done
NOAorigami4-32 Butterfly Traditionnel insect **windmill25Nice
NOAorigami4-06 Dove Traditionnel bird **-9worth no interest
NOAorigami4-08 Fish Traditionnel fish **-11worth no interest
NOAorigami4-51 Angelfish Michiaki Kato fish **bird42Nice
NOAorigami4-41 Goldfish Traditionnel fish **waterbomb33worth no interest
NOAorigami4-42 Sombrero Toyoaki Kawai clothing **waterbomb34Done
NOAorigami4-36 Table Traditionnel furniture **windmill28Done
NOAorigami4-01 Animal Faces Traditionnel ornament *-5worth no interest
NOAorigami4-10 Tortoise Traditionnel animal *-12Done
NOAorigami4-45 Tulip Kunihiko Kasahara flower **waterbomb37Nice
NOAorigami4-53 Sailboat Mitsune Aoki transportation **-44Nice
NOAorigami4-31 Sailboat (Trick Catboat) Traditionnel transportation **windmill25worth no interest