Card reference

Reference Lafosse10
ISBN 978-0-8048-4135-1
Type book
Author Michael Lafosse, Richard L. Alexander
Title Trash Origami
Source Tuttle Publishing
Year 2010
Pages 96
Very interesting book. 25 models are described, almost all well-known, usually hardly but efficiently adjusted.
The main guideline is the use of any kind of paper found in garbage. This recycling allows us to use as well newspapers, wrapping paper, photocopies, paper napkins as professionnal cards. A golden mine!
A must!

List of the 24 associated models

Reference Title Author Category Difficulty Base Page(s) Annotation Photo
Lafosse10-15 Art-Deco Wings Michael Lafosse game **-56-59Done
Lafosse10-08 Masu Box Traditionnel ornament **modular34-35Aveuglami
Lafosse10-20 Curler Unit Balls Herman Van Goubergen polyhedron **modular72-75Good
Lafosse10-19 Calendar Wreaths Michael Lafosse utility **modular68-71Aveuglami
Lafosse10-22 Crumpled Mushrooms Vincent Floderer plant *crumpling78-81Nice
Lafosse10-09 Star Box Lid Richard L. Alexander ornament **modular36-39Nice
Lafosse10-04 Flap Cube Cores & Paneled Cubes Traditionnel ornament **-22-23Aveuglami
Lafosse10-05 Photo Cubes Traditionnel ornament **-24-25Done-
Lafosse10-21 Paper Hearts Florence Temko heart ***modular76-77--
Lafosse10-06 Modular Chess & Checkerboard Set Michael Lafosse ornament **modular26-29Good
Lafosse10-12 Sailboat Envelopes Michael Lafosse utility ***modular46-47Nice
Lafosse10-23 Pinwheel Envelopes Traditionnel utility *-82-83--
Lafosse10-13 Flapping Bird Envelopes Michael Lafosse utility **-48-51Done
Lafosse10-11 Interlocking Flower Petals Michael Lafosse ornament **modular42-45Nice
Lafosse10-02 Jumping Frogs Michael Lafosse game *-18-19Done
Lafosse10-01 Crowns & Towers Game Michael Lafosse game *-16-17Done
Lafosse10-03 Scoopy Ball Game Richard L. Alexander game *-20-21Done
Lafosse10-24 Dave Brill's Origami Masu David Brill box ***-84-89Good
Lafosse10-07 Ali's Folded Dish Nick Robinson ornament **modular30-33Nice
Lafosse10-18 Custom-Bound Books Rona Gurkewitz utility **multi-pieces64-67Good
Lafosse10-14 Shuttle Darts Michael Lafosse transportation **-52-55Done
Lafosse10-10 Candy Wrapper Butterflies Michael Lafosse ornament **-40-41Nice
Lafosse10-16 Snack Bag Wallets Michael Lafosse utility *-60-61--
Lafosse10-17 Bag Ballot Boxes Michael Lafosse utility **-62-63--