Card reference

Reference Biddle93
ISBN 0-312-08037-9
Type book
Author Steve Biddle, Megumi Biddle
Title The New Origami
Source St. Martin's Griffin, NY
Year 1993
Pages 192
Logical continuation of Essential origami . A lot of nice models, intermediate level.

List of the 46 associated models

Reference Title Author Category Difficulty Base Page(s) Annotation Photo
Biddle93-45 Apatosaurus Steve Biddle dinosaur **-177-180--
Biddle93-05 Decorative Box Tomoko Fuse box **modular30-33--
Biddle93-13 Inside-Outside Box Thoki Yenn box **-56-58--
Biddle93-33 Rose Brooch Toshie Takahama ornament **-124-127Nice
Biddle93-16 Printer's Hat Traditionnel hat *----
Biddle93-38 Owl Kenji Jinbo bird **kite147-150Done
Biddle93-28 Pencil and Paper Megumi Biddle ornament **-111-113--
Biddle93-01 Cube Traditionnel polyhedron **modular19-20--
Biddle93-07 Soma Cube Steve Biddle game ***modular41-43--
Biddle93-09 Tumbler Steve Biddle game *-48-49--
Biddle93-31 Double Hearts Francis Ow heart **-118-120--
Biddle93-40 Circus Elephant Megumi Biddle animal **-156-159--
Biddle93-23 Tree Envelope John Cunliffe utility **-86-88--
Biddle93-18 Bamboo Letterfold Traditionnel utility *-74-75--
Biddle93-19 Fish Letterfold Michel Grand utility **-76-77--
Biddle93-32 Star Megumi Biddle star **waterbomb121-123Nice
Biddle93-12 Pentagram Star Shuzo Fujimoto maths and origami *-54-55--
Biddle93-03 Six-Piece Harlequin Star Francis Ow star **modular24-25Done
Biddle93-34 Sink Flower Megumi Biddle ornament ***-128-131--
Biddle93-26 Hina Ningyo Traditionnel character **multi-pieces98-105--
Biddle93-15 The Captain's Hat Story Traditionnel game **-62-64--
Biddle93-41 Koala Yoshihide Momotani animal **-160-163--
Biddle93-04 Kusudama Traditionnel ornament **modular26-29Good
Biddle93-10 The Pyramid Didier Boursin game **multi-pieces50-51--
Biddle93-39 Rabbit Yoshihide Momotani animal **-151-155--
Biddle93-06 Action Lizard Tomoko Fuse animal **modular34-39Good-
Biddle93-25 Sailing Boat Notefold Steve Biddle utility **-92-96--
Biddle93-35 Pierrot Seiji Nishikawa character **multi-pieces132-139Very nice
Biddle93-29 Dish Didier Boursin utility **-114-115Good
Biddle93-22 Wallet Martin Wall utility **-83-85--
Biddle93-20 Fancy Wallet Megumi Biddle utility *-78-79--
Biddle93-14 Paper Puppet Rachel Katz game *-60-61--
Biddle93-46 Pteranodon Fumiaki Kawahata dinosaur ***kite181-191Good-
Biddle93-42 Rhinoceros Edwin Corrie animal **-164-168--
Biddle93-24 Gift Bag Vincent Floderer utility **-89-91--
Biddle93-43 Simple Dinosaur Rachel Katz dinosaur **multi-pieces170-172--
Biddle93-02 Pentagon Coaster (Dodecahedron) Francis Ow utility **modular21-23--
Biddle93-30 On the Wings of Love Francis Ow ornament **-116-117Nice
Biddle93-37 Syachi Hoko Kazuo Choshi ornament **-144-146--
Biddle93-08 Tangram Steve Biddle game ***multi-pieces45-47--
Biddle93-27 Tato hanamon ori Traditionnel utility **-106-109--
Biddle93-11 Rotating Tetrahedron Steve Biddle polyhedron **-52-53--
Biddle93-36 Turtle Traditionnel animal **-141-143Quite good
Biddle93-17 Troublewit Traditionnel game **-68-72--
Biddle93-44 Tyrannosaurus Megumi Biddle dinosaur **multi-pieces173-176--
Biddle93-21 Flower Vase Saburo Kase vase **preliminary80-82Aveuglami