Card reference

Reference Engel11a
Type book
Author Peter Engel
Title 10-Fold Origami - Fabulous Paperfolds You Can Make in Just 10 Folds
Source -
Year 2011
Pages 0
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List of the 26 associated models

Reference Title Author Category Difficulty Base Page(s) Annotation Photo
Engel11a-07 Plate Peter Engel miscelleanous **-28-29Nice
Engel11a-06 Bacon Peter Engel miscelleanous *-26-27Nice
Engel11a-14 Wedding Ring Peter Engel ornament ***-48-49Giving up-
Engel11a-04 Sailboat Traditionnel transportation *preliminary20-21Aveuglami
Engel11a-12 Picture frame Peter Engel utility *blintz42-45Nice
Engel11a-01 Duck Peter Engel bird *kite14-15worth no interest
Engel11a-13 High-Heeled Shoe Peter Engel clothing ***-46-47Nice
Engel11a-16 Bat Peter Engel bird *-56-57Nice
Engel11a-11 Valentine Peter Engel heart *blintz40-41Nice
Engel11a-21 Snail Peter Engel animal **-70-73Done
Engel11a-20 Ivy Leaf Peter Engel leaf **-66-69Nice
Engel11a-10 Double-Scoop Cone Peter Engel miscelleanous **diamond34-37Nice
Engel11a-09 Sigle-Scoop Cones Peter Engel miscelleanous **kite32-33Nice
Engel11a-02 House Traditionnel miscelleanous *-16-17Done
Engel11a-03 Pinwheel Traditionnel ornament *windmill18-19Aveuglami
Engel11a-24 Golden Egg Peter Engel miscelleanous **diamond82-83Nice
Engel11a-05 Sunny Side Up Peter Engel miscelleanous **-24-25Nice
Engel11a-25 Goose Peter Engel bird **-85-87Nice
Engel11a-15 Butterfly Peter Engel insect ***box-pleating50-53Nice
Engel11a-17 Penguin Peter Engel bird **-58-59Done
Engel11a-26 Hatching Chick Peter Engel bird ***-88-93--
Engel11a-19 Snake Peter Engel animal **box-pleating62-65Done
Engel11a-08 Candy Cane Peter Engel miscelleanous **-30-31Done
Engel11a-18 Elefant Head Peter Engel animal **-60-61Nice
Engel11a-23 Spinner Peter Engel transportation ***waterbomb78-81Nice
Engel11a-22 Rocket Ship Peter Engel transportation **waterbomb76-77Done