Card reference

Reference Beech02
ISBN 2215-07444-2
Type book
Author Rick Beech
Title Origami - L'art du papier plié
Source Fleurus
Year 2002
Pages 256
Great book, full of models, from the most simple to the most complex. The author has a pedagogical approach, so that the beginner gets confidence while folding simple but beautiful traditional models. The dexribed models have been borrowed to a number of authors, ensuring quality and variety.
The hobbyist folder will be able to make as well flowers, fruits, animals, boxes, toys as utilities. He or she will make rapid progress in mastering folding techniques, and be able to try more complex models detailed in the book. Last aprt, devoted to modulars, shows that mathematics anbd geometry can lead to incredible objcts, such as japanese jewels, intricated tetrahedra or fireworks.
Texts are excellent, photos beautiful. Les us regret the absence of diagrams.
I recommend strongly this book to beginners.

List of the 85 associated models

Reference Title Author Category Difficulty Base Page(s) Annotation Photo
Beech02-44 Accessoire de bureau Eric Kenneway box **box-pleating148-149Nice
Beech02-75 Bague-coeur Hiroshi Kumasaka heart **-220-221Aveuglami
Beech02-79 Balle multicolore Kenneth Kawamura game **modular231--
Beech02-80 Bijou japonais Minako Ishibashi ornament **modular222-224Good
Beech02-55 Billet en chemise Traditionnel clothing *-176-177--
Beech02-07 Sanbo Traditionnel base **blintz52-53Nice
Beech02-48 Boîte carrée Traditionnel base **blintz156-157Nice
Beech02-11 Boîte « Masu » Traditionnel box **blintz60-63Good
Beech02-08 Bombe à eau Traditionnel miscelleanous **waterbomb54-55-
Beech02-67 Botte de lutin Traditionnel clothing **-204-205--
Beech02-65 Bracelet Traditionnel utility **box-pleating200-202Aveuglami
Beech02-47 Cadre-photo Larry Hart utility **-154-155Nice
Beech02-04 Casque de samouraï Traditionnel clothing *-49Nice
Beech02-39 Catapulte Robert J. Lang animate **-134-136--
Beech02-61 Chapeaux multiples Traditionnel hat **-190-193Quite good
Beech02-70 Chaussette de Noël Traditionnel Christmas **-210-211--
Beech02-34 Chien animé Paul Jackson animate **multi-pieces122-123Quite good
Beech02-31 Chien qui aboie Ulrike Krallmann-Wenzel animate *preliminary116Giving up-
Beech02-15 Chien scotch-terrier Robert Edward Neale animal *blintz72Nice
Beech02-57 Clins d'oeil Jeremy Shafer animate **-180-181Quite good
Beech02-09 Colombe Traditionnel bird **-56-57Nice
Beech02-17 Coq Florence Temko bird **fish76-77Done
Beech02-19 Coquillage Rick Beech - **-80-81Nice
Beech02-36 Corbeau Makoto Yamaguchi animate **-126-127Done
Beech02-06 Couronne Traditionnel clothing **-51-
Beech02-83 Cube modulaire Lewis Simon polyhedron ****modular241-243--
Beech02-14 Cygne inconnu bird **fish70-71Done
Beech02-68 Cygne Traditionnel bird **-206-207Nice
Beech02-64 Décoration à suspendre Tomoko Fuse ornament **modular---
Beech02-25 Eléphant Nobuyoshi Enomoto animal ***fish96-101Nice
Beech02-30 Empilement Michael Lafosse animate *modular115--
Beech02-56 Enveloppe magique Ed Sullivan utility **-178-179--
Beech02-71 Etiquette cadeau Paul Jackson utility *multi-pieces212-213--
Beech02-76 Etoile Martin Wall star **modular222-223--
Beech02-35 Etoile magique ou frisbee Robert Edward Neale game **modular124-125Good
Beech02-82 Etoile modulaire Tomoko Fuse star ***modular238-240Very nice
Beech02-85 Feu d'artifice Yami Yamauchi ornament ****modular248-251Good
Beech02-18 Figurine humaine Alfred Bestall character *multi-pieces78-79Done
Beech02-72 Fleur en relief José Meeusen flower **multi-pieces214-215--
Beech02-16 Fleur pour boutonnière Paul Jackson flower **multi-pieces73-75Nice
Beech02-73 Fleur pour veston Gay Merrill Gross flower **multi-pieces216-218--
Beech02-58 Fraise Rae Cooker flower **frog182-183Nice
Beech02-02 Tasse Traditionnel utility *-47Nice
Beech02-38 Grenouille bavarde Teruo Tsuji animate **-131-133-
Beech02-27 Grenouille sauteuse Traditionnel animate *waterbomb112Nice
Beech02-01 Grue Traditionnel bird **bird46Aveuglami
Beech02-74 Guirlande Laura Kruskal ornament *-219-
Beech02-33 Hélice Kosho Uchiyama transportation *-120-121Done
Beech02-05 Kimono Traditionnel clothing *-50--
Beech02-84 Ksuduma Traditionnel ornament ****modular244-247Very nice-
Beech02-62 La chemise du capitaine Traditionnel miscelleanous **-194-195Nice
Beech02-21 Lapin Edwin Corrie animal **-86-89Nice
Beech02-46 Lazy Susan Traditionnel utility **blintz152-153Nice
Beech02-43 Lettre-enveloppe inconnu utility *-147Done
Beech02-41 Lézard Tomoko Fuse animate **multi-pieces138-143Remarkable
Beech02-03 Lys Traditionnel flower **-48Good
Beech02-42 Marque-page Michael Lafosse utility *-146Done
Beech02-63 Marque-place Traditionnel utility **preliminary198Aveuglami
Beech02-66 Mitre d'évêque Traditionnel clothing **-203--
Beech02-52 Moulin à vent ou bourse Traditionnel utility **windmill166-168--
Beech02-37 Oiseau qui bat des ailes Traditionnel animate **bird128-130-
Beech02-40 Panier de baskett Traditionnel miscelleanous *waterbomb136--
Beech02-51 Panier pascal Aldo Putignano box **multi-pieces163-165Good
Beech02-26 Paon Adolfo Cerceda bird ***-102-109Very nice
Beech02-13 Papillon Paul Jackson insect **waterbomb68-69Nice
Beech02-53 Paquet-cadeau Vincent Floderer box **-169-171--
Beech02-77 Père Noël Sanae Sakai Christmas **-224-227Nice
Beech02-29 Pétard Traditionnel animate *-114--
Beech02-28 Planeur Traditionnel transportation *-113--
Beech02-20 Poisson rouge Masamishi Noma fish ***-82-85Quite good
Beech02-60 Porcelet Paul Jackson animal **-187-189--
Beech02-49 Porte-cartes Humiaki Huzita utility **-158-159Done
Beech02-12 Religieuse Kunihiko Kasahara character *-66-67Nice
Beech02-45 Rond de serviette Rick Beech utility **-150-151Nice
Beech02-69 Rose Stephen Weiss flower *-208-209--
Beech02-59 Rouge baiser Soon Young Lee animate **-184-185Quite good
Beech02-54 Salière Traditionnel game *blintz175Done
Beech02-10 Sampan Traditionnel transportation **-58-59Nice
Beech02-50 Sous-verre Francis Ow utility **multi-pieces160-161Nice
Beech02-81 Tétraèdres imbriqués Thomas Hull polyhedron ****modular235-237Very nice
Beech02-23 Tige Kunihiko Kasahara leaf *kite93Aveuglami
Beech02-78 Tourniquet Lewis Simon ornament **modular230Nice
Beech02-24 Tulipe Kunihiko Kasahara flower **waterbomb94-95Aveuglami
Beech02-22 Vase Toshie Takahama vase **preliminary90-93Nice
Beech02-32 Zoomerang Sanny Ang transportation **-117-119--