Card reference

Reference Lucio98
ISBN 3-332-00914-1
Type book
Author Jan Spütz, René Lucio
Title Das Grosse Origamibuch
Source Ravensburger, Berlin
Year 1998
Pages 160
Very astute book, including as well classical models as ones being enough out of the ordinary to make us want to fold them.

List of the 37 associated models

Reference Title Author Category Difficulty Base Page(s) Annotation Photo
Lucio98-29 Dekoball René Lucio ornament **modular126-127--
Lucio98-27 Kaleidozyklus René Lucio game **modular121-123--
Lucio98-07 Schachtel mit Innenfach René Lucio box **multi-pieces50-53Quite good
Lucio98-02 Schachtel René Lucio box *blintz38-39--
Lucio98-01 Orisue Traditionnel box *-36-37--
Lucio98-08 Tato-Schachtel René Lucio box **preliminary54-57Aveuglami
Lucio98-33 Grusskarte : Hemd René Lucio utility *-146-148--
Lucio98-36 Baseballkappe René Lucio hat **preliminary155-157--
Lucio98-25 Eierbecher René Lucio utility **-112-115--
Lucio98-03 Sternendeckel René Lucio box **preliminary40-41--
Lucio98-05 Deckel mit Knoten René Lucio box **modular44-47--
Lucio98-04 Tannenbaumdeckel René Lucio Christmas **multi-pieces42-43--
Lucio98-09 Würfel René Lucio polyhedron **modular58-59--
Lucio98-10 Durchdrungener Würfel René Lucio polyhedron **modular60-61--
Lucio98-37 Verpackung René Lucio box **preliminary158-159--
Lucio98-21 Kristallstern René Lucio star **blintz100-101--
Lucio98-22 Weinachtsstern René Lucio Christmas **bird102-103--
Lucio98-34 Geldscheinfaltung : Stern René Lucio star **modular149-151--
Lucio98-20 Reliefstern René Lucio star **blintz98-99--
Lucio98-23 Modulstern René Lucio star **modular104-105--
Lucio98-15 Blumenblatt René Lucio leaf *-80-81--
Lucio98-13 Trompetenblume René Lucio flower **waterbomb73-75Aveuglami-
Lucio98-14 Hibiscusblüte René Lucio flower ***-77-79--
Lucio98-32 Reliefbilder René Lucio ornament **modular136-143--
Lucio98-28 Lippengeflüster René Lucio game **blintz124-125--
Lucio98-26 Böser Wolf René Lucio animate **blintz118-119Aveuglami-
Lucio98-18 Hochzeitsvogel René Lucio ornament **-90-93Aveuglami-
Lucio98-16 Blaüling René Lucio insect **-82-85--
Lucio98-17 Zitronenfalter René Lucio insect **-86-89--
Lucio98-24 Nikolaus René Lucio Christmas **multi-pieces107-111--
Lucio98-19 Schweinchen René Lucio animal **blintz94-95Done
Lucio98-31 Physiognomie inconnu mask **bird132-135--
Lucio98-06 Rosendeckel René Lucio box **modular48-49--
Lucio98-35 Lesezeichen : Pfeil René Lucio utility *-152-153--
Lucio98-30 Kreisel René Lucio game **modular128-129--
Lucio98-12 Tulpe mit Blatt René Lucio flower **multi-pieces69-71--
Lucio98-11 Tulpe mit Blättern René Lucio flower **multi-pieces64-67--