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Penrose Triangle
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Beber17 - livreOrigami - New WorldsPublistampa2017140 25

31 models
Abrégé Titre Catégorie DifficultéPhoto
internet-241 Penrose Stairscanevas de plis***
internet-243 Penrose Triangledécoration**
OORAA-14g Tesselation « »pavage***
OOM13-05 Dodecagonal Pattern 1pavage***** -
OOM13-06 Dodecagonal Pattern 2pavage**** -
OOM13-07 Square Tesselation of Dodecagons (#2)pavage***** -
Beber17-01 Background Exercisepavage***
Beber17-02 Cube Exercisepavage***
Beber17-03 Star Exercisepavage***
Beber17-04 Penrose Triangle #0pavage***
Beber17-05 Penrose Triangle #2pavage***
Beber17-06 Cubes Ipavage*** -
Beber17-07 Cubes I8pavage*** -
Beber17-08 Menger Sponge level 1pavage***
Beber17-09 Rubik's cubepavage***
Beber17-10 Point of View 1pavage***
Beber17-11 « 42 »pavage*** -
Beber17-12 Point of View IIpavage*** -
Beber17-13 Space #0pavage*** -
Beber17-14 Sierpinski-Penrose Triangle #0pavage*** -
Beber17-15 Sierpinski-Penrose Triangle #2pavage*** -
Beber17-16 Stars'n'Kubes Ipavage***
Beber17-17 Stars'n'Kubes IIpavage*** -
Beber17-18 Space #1pavage*** -
Beber17-19 Penrose+pavage*** -
Beber17-20 Promisespavage*** -
Beber17-21 Perceptionspavage*** -
Beber17-22 « JOAS »pavage*** -
Beber17-23 Menger Songe level 2 Ipavage*** -
Beber17-24 Menger Songe level 2 IIpavage*** -
Beber17-25 « om »pavage*** -